Image of law books representing the insurmountable amount of legal information that a person would normally have to search through when they have legal questions; however, Harwood Legal provides easy-to-understand answers in its legal resources for Southern WV.

Legal Blogs for WV Issues

Jason Harwood of Harwood Legal, PLLC has built his practice around the problems that West Virginians face most often. We have specifically geared our legal resources to address common Southern WV issues. You will find information on a variety of topics within these areas:

  • Family law;
  • Personal injury claims; and
  • Auto accidents.

Legal Resources for Southern WV

When facing a legal battle, the world of law can be a confusing and difficult place to navigate. Researching legal matters can be a daunting task even for those who have been formally trained in the law. Harwood Legal wants to make this overwhelming task a little easier by providing legal resources for Southern WV individuals and families to turn to when they need answers.

The information we provide is designed as a tool to help you better understand WV state laws. However, it is not meant to serve as legal advice for your specific situation. For true legal advice that pertains to the issue you are facing contact our office. 

Find Answers You Need

The main goal at Harwood Legal is to help the people of Southern WV and the surrounding region. One way we can better serve you is by providing legal resources that will equip you with knowledge and a better understanding of your personal legal issues. After your research is complete, you may still have questions or need legal advice. Jason Harwood is ready to help. Contact him online or by calling (304) 725-5015.

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