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Jason Harwood: Your Southern WV Divorce Attorney

Divorce is never easy, but it can be made easier with the right lawyer. Whether you’re considering divorce or need a divorce decree modified, the right lawyer is one you know and trust, who is on your side, and who has family law experience on both sides of the bench. That Southern WV divorce attorney is Jason Harwood at Harwood Legal in Logan, West Virginia.

Call a Southern WV Divorce Attorney Who Listens

Divorce can take a lot out of you—emotionally and financially. Your children will no longer have two full-time parents, and dividing everything with your spouse can make you feel like you end up with less than half. A good Southern WV divorce and child custody attorney knows how to listen so that the court ultimately hears you on all of these issues. The attorney is even better when he has years of experience in family law cases under his belt, both as a judge and as a Logan County, WV divorce lawyer.

What to Look for in a Southern WV Divorce Attorney

Divorce law is both simple and complex, and each divorce case can have several moving parts:

Each of these parts involves a variety of legal areas: real estate law, tax law, divorce law, and child support law to name a few. A good divorce lawyer is current on the state of the law in all of these areas. Look for a lawyer with plenty of experience handling divorce cases to make sure you are ably represented should issues arise in any of these areas.

Fault and No-Fault Divorce in West Virginia

Many divorcing couples in West Virginia opt for a no-fault divorce. The filing and proof requirements are much simpler in a no-fault divorce because evidence of the bad behavior of one of the spouses doesn’t need to be put before the court. The result can be a shorter, less expensive divorce.

As indicated above, fault divorces require extra proof—a showing that one spouse is entitled to a divorce because of the bad behavior of the other spouse. WV divorce statutes set out the bad conduct that can be the basis for ending a marriage. Where the divorce is based on fault, the divorce attorney works with his or her client to collect the evidence to prove or disprove the alleged conduct.

A good Southern WV divorce attorney has experience with both fault and no-fault divorces and in handling cases from start to finish. You need a divorce attorney with experience preparing for, settling, and trying West Virginia divorces.

A WV Spousal Support Attorney to Protect Your Future Interests

West Virginia law provides for alimony, sometimes called spousal support or maintenance. Temporary spousal support assists one spouse during the divorce, while permanent spousal support is intended to help a spouse until he or she can support him- or herself. Spousal support can be paid over time or in a lump sum, called support in gross. Finally, one spouse may also request rehabilitative maintenance, which is paid to help that spouse get education or training to enter the job market.

Although there’s no exact formula for determining spousal support in a West Virginia divorce, the law sets out some factors the court may consider, including whether the conduct of one of the parties constitutes fault under West Virginia divorce statutes. A few of the other factors a court may consider include the length of the marriage, how the marital property has been divided, a spouse’s education and ability to self-support, and the marital standard of living.

To best protect your future interests, you need a WV spousal support attorney who knows the ins and outs of spousal maintenance and marital property division. Jason Harwood is a seasoned Logan County, WV divorce lawyer who also has years of experience as a sitting Family Court Judge. He knows from firsthand experience how courts determine whether to order support and how much support is appropriate. For a divorce involving spousal support in Southern WV, Jason Harwood is a strong ally to have on your side.

You Need an Experienced Southern WV Divorce Attorney to Help Identify and Divide Marital Assets

The end of a marriage also means the division of the parties’ property. An experienced WV divorce attorney knows how to identify what is and isn’t marital property and when to argue for or against an equal division of marital property.

Divorce generally means a decrease in your total assets because you’re often dividing them with your spouse, but a good divorce attorney knows how the law is likely to apply in your case and how to help you prioritize what you really want or need.

You Need an Experienced Southern WV Child Custody and Support Lawyer

Many expect a clean break when a divorce is granted, but if you have children, that is not the case. WV child support and child custody issues can arise both during a divorce and after the divorce is final. A custody determination made in a divorce decree may later be modified by agreement of the parties or challenged as no longer appropriate due to a substantial change in the child’s or a parent’s circumstances. WV child custody laws also provide for grandparent visitation.

West Virginia law provides for child support based on the income of each parent. As time passes, either or both parents’ income may change. A good Southern WV divorce lawyer can recognize, based on the evidence, when a child support order is ripe for modification and ably support or defend his or her client’s best interest.

If you have children and you are getting or have gotten divorced, you need an experienced Southern WV divorce and child custody lawyer to help you work through these issues related to child custody and support.

Why Jason Harwood Is the Southern WV Divorce Attorney for You

Jason Harwood has years of experience handling more than 1,000 divorce cases, either as a West Virginia Family Court Judge or as a family lawyer in Logan, WV. Having experience on both sides of the bench makes him unique among divorce attorneys and especially qualified as a Logan County, WV divorce lawyer.

From making determinations about fault as a basis for divorce, helping identify and divide marital property, and arguing and applying West Virginia child support and child custody laws, Jason Harwood has experience like no other divorce lawyer in Southern WV.

And on top of his remarkable qualifications, Jason is your neighbor, a native of Logan County who works right here in your community. He understands and listens, so you know you’re in good hands.

For a uniquely experienced Southern WV divorce attorney you can talk to, call Jason Harwood of Harwood Legal. If you’re looking for a divorce lawyer in Boone, Lincoln, Logan, or Mingo County, Jason is ready to listen and fight for you. You can reach him by calling (304) 752-5015 or filling out this online contact form.

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