What to Do About WV Motorcycle Injuries

Motorcycle accidents in West Virginia (WV) can be horrific and devastating not just for the rider, but for the family too. Imagine waiting for the light to turn green only to have a negligent driver hit you from behind sending you hurdling over the handlebars. The emotional distress from WV motorcycle injuries is a normal, psychological response, but can be heavy to bear.

An image of a motorcycle rider on city streets, showing how Jason Harwood at Harwood Legal, PLLC helps clients who suffered WV motorcycle injuries fight for compensation.

The damage resulting from a motorcycle accident is not limited to the rider or the motorcycle but can include other types of injuries that may be compensated by the responsible party.

You need someone with perseverance and years of experience to fight for compensation in your case. When choosing among Logan motorcycle injury attorneys, Jason Harwood of Harwood Legal PLLC has the experience to take care of the legal process so you can focus on your injuries or those of the loved ones in the accident.

The Effects of WV Motorcycle Injuries

West Virginia law puts on the shoulders of each party the requirement to remain at the scene of the crash, fulfill the duty to give information, and render aid to those involved in the accident if either party has the ability to do so; however, this doesn’t relieve the injured party of the effects of the accident. Motorcycle accidents are not easy for the rider and the family to go through because of how it can change the financial, mental, and emotional state of those involved.

What West Virginia Motorcycle Injuries Can Impact

A motorcycle injury can lead to other problems on top of the physical injuries that the rider may sustain. Sometimes, motorcycle accidents also result in financial or property losses, including damage to the motorcycle. Depending on how severe West Virginia motorcycle accident injuries are, the damages that the rider and family suffer may impact:

  • Lost income;
  • Ability to pay bills, rent, or mortgage;
  • Motorcycle repairs; and
  • Medical expenses like:
    • Doctor appointments;
    • Hospital bills;
    • Physical therapy appointments; and
    • Surgical procedures.

In cases where the motorcycle accident resulted in the rider’s death, the rider’s family will be left with funeral arrangement costs and perhaps the loss of income from the provider for the family.

Seeking legal counsel early should be a priority after a motorcycle accident. Out-of-pocket expenses can be overwhelming for the family unless the responsible party pays compensation for the losses. When you need a motorcycle accident and injury lawyer in Logan, Jason Harwood at Harwood Legal, PLLC loves helping his clients during these situations.

Defining WV Motorcycle Injuries

Motorcycle accidents can create different kinds of injuries. In some cases, the injuries are minor, with the victim sustaining merely scrapes and bruises. In more serious cases, the injuries can be significant, with the victim suffering injuries like these:

  • Broken bones;
  • Head trauma or traumatic brain injury;
  • Internal injuries; or
  • Loss of a pregnancy.

With severe injuries comes the possibility of permanent impairment or disability or even death.

Accurately identifying the injuries sustained in your accident is an early step in preparing a claim for damages. Your motorcycle injury lawyer will collect all necessary accident and medical records as well as medical or expert witness opinions about any lasting effects on your health, your earning capacity following the accident as it relates to your health, and any temporary or permanent disfigurement or disability.

The Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Who Has Your Back

A successful case for WV motorcycle injuries requires an experienced motorcycle injury lawyer. Jason Harwood has a great track record working with clients going through tough times after an accident like those involving West Virginia ,motorcycle accident injuries. He cares about his clients and whether they receive fair compensation for their injuries and puts his best efforts toward getting them the compensation they deserve. If you are looking for help with your motorcycle accident case, contact Harwood Legal, PLLC by filling an online form on the contact page or calling (304) 752-5015 to schedule an appointment with Jason.